The Hip Hop House Vol. 2

The Hip Hop House Vol. 2is a collection of music from acts that’s played Sketchy Beats Cafe at The Hip-Hop House event hosted by Werd once a month. Including a mix of genres influenced and involving hip-hop. Werd’s ‘HHH Intro Bars’brings all kinds of gritty-grittyness with 8-bit blips and a sweet little electro sampling track as the opener for this consortium of tracks spanningContinue reading “The Hip Hop House Vol. 2”

King Tut’s Summer Nights with SubKonsious & A-Macc, Loki, Kid Robotik, 29/7/15

A gathering that Tut’s probably hasn’t seen for a while; certainly a young crowd and a tribe not often seen in here… or other similar venues come to that. Tonight offers an illuminating insight into an unfamiliar (to me at least) diaspora of the rap family; the Caledonian version. It’s an entertaining array, but there’sContinue reading “King Tut’s Summer Nights with SubKonsious & A-Macc, Loki, Kid Robotik, 29/7/15”