Fieldhead, Kinbrae at Glad Café 25/2/18

The cosy, chai-wafting interiors of the Glad Café are just what’s needed on one of the coldest days of the year so far, but tonight’s gig isn’t here to offer comfort so much as recalibrate your sense of time, space and perception. First to the stage are brothers Andy and Mike Truscott of Kinbrae, whoContinue reading “Fieldhead, Kinbrae at Glad Café 25/2/18”

Kinbrae – Tidal Patterns [1631]

On Kinbrae’s website, you can listen to a sound map of Coll, the island which inspired the band’s new album, Tidal Patterns. Clicking an array of map pins reveals field recordings from the island: the slushy trickling of Lonban stream, the drone of a ferry; contact mics pick up the sound of whirring wind, theContinue reading “Kinbrae – Tidal Patterns [1631]”