Marina and the Diamonds, KLOE at O2 Academy Glasgow, 16/2/16

Opening tonight is Glaswegian pop princess KLOE, now based in London tonight’s show serves as a homecoming for the 19-year-old Scot. Chloe Latimer has come a long way since I saw her play her debut show under the moinker KLOE at The Garage’s Attic last year and the hype around the singer has only continuedContinue reading “Marina and the Diamonds, KLOE at O2 Academy Glasgow, 16/2/16”


She may look Nordic, she may even sound kinda Nordic, but straight outta Clydebank comes KLOE, née Chloe Latimer, with this third offering; slightly bubblegum, bit ethereal, touch of dreamy melodrama… and heavily heavily produced. Indeed the latter observation is perhaps the only substantive criticism one can level at this – it’s been through theContinue reading “KLOE – ‘Touch’ [IAMSOUND]”

Stag & Dagger presents Live at Glasgow, 3/5/15

Beginning in 2008 as a London only event Stag & Dagger is certainly now starting to feel like something of an institution, promising to provide the vast spectrum of musical tastes we weegies have to come to expect when May rolls around. Since its inception the variety of acts on offer that may or mayContinue reading “Stag & Dagger presents Live at Glasgow, 3/5/15”

KLOË at The Garage, 28/2/15

Hailing from Clydebank, Chloe Latimer has been creating quite a stir in the Scottish music scene over the last few months under the moniker, KLOË. It is no surprise tonight’s gig is sold out, as the 18-year-old has already managed to gather a significant online following with over 60,000 Soundcloud hits on her first single,Continue reading “KLOË at The Garage, 28/2/15”