Martha Ffion – ‘Take Your Name’ [Turnstile]

‘Take Your Name’ is the latest single to be announced from Martha Ffion’s debut LP, Sunday Best. Beautifully triggered and charmingly executed, capturing a nostalgic and freeing sense of melody – this skilfully catchy track is the epitome of excellence. A silky-smooth vocal, weaving flawlessly throughout the track – the thin and airy guitars provide depth alongside a gracefully producedContinue reading “Martha Ffion – ‘Take Your Name’ [Turnstile]”

Martha Ffion – ‘We Make Do’ [Turnstile]

I fully expected this to be a singer-songwriter standard of “me and my piano” when this track first opened, which I’d have had no issue with in the least. A warm toned and instantly engaging voice soon compliments a sort of 19th century western style tack piano with a syncopation that feeds into a melodyContinue reading “Martha Ffion – ‘We Make Do’ [Turnstile]”

Tracks of 2017 (20-11)

20. Golden Teacher – ’Spiritron’ ‘Spiritron’ was the standout in an unexpected joyous surprise of a Golden Teacher full-length, No Luscious Life. The track captures the band’s effervescent live sound with an addictive mess of punk energy, otherworldly synths and Detroit funk, dancefloor hitting beats. 19. Shredd – ‘Flight of Stairs’ [Fuzzkill] ‘Flight Of Stairs’ begins withContinue reading “Tracks of 2017 (20-11)”

Doune the Rabbit Hole, Day 3, 20/8/17

During yesterday’s write up I failed to mention that one of my boots struck a leak. so, I spend the early portion of Sunday waiting for Allan, our photographer for the weekend arrival, who is kindly bringing some wellies for me, unfortunately this means missing Ultras, but I do get on site in time catchContinue reading “Doune the Rabbit Hole, Day 3, 20/8/17”

Preview: Doune The Rabbit Hole (Sunday)

With Doune the Rabbit Hole coming up next weekend we thought we’d give you a run down of some of the acts to check out, problem was we felt the line up so strong that we couldn’t limit it down to a certain number, here’s a wee day by day effort to keep you occupied:Continue reading “Preview: Doune The Rabbit Hole (Sunday)”

Withered Hand, a Singer of Songs, Martha Ffion at The Hug and Pint, 7/5/17

Dan Wilson of Withered Hand is absolutely one of the most interesting songwriters around; he recently collaborated to write and record with Barcelona-based a Singer of Songs during a week at an organic farm ‘in the middle of nowhere’ near Barcelona. Over three dates in Edinburgh, Crail and Glasgow, the two launched the resulting EPContinue reading “Withered Hand, a Singer of Songs, Martha Ffion at The Hug and Pint, 7/5/17”

Celtic Connections: Martha Ffion, Dave Frazer, Ruth Finegold at The Hug and Pint, 24/1/17

“You can really hurt someone when you love them like that,” Martha Ffion, aka Claire M. F. McKay croons on new track ‘Record Sleeves’, slotted neatly in the middle of tonight’s headline set. If love can be painful, then Ffion and her band The Homemakers have certainly left their adoring crowd with a bout ofContinue reading “Celtic Connections: Martha Ffion, Dave Frazer, Ruth Finegold at The Hug and Pint, 24/1/17”

Margaret Glaspy, Martha Ffion at Stereo, 7/11/16

Margaret Glaspy’s debut album, Emotions and Math, was a long time in coming, but, some four years after her debut EP, it is a truly encapsulating record that courses with a humble appeal and touches of grunge attitude. Tonight Glaspy delivers all this and more putting in a startlingly cool and powerful performance that makesContinue reading “Margaret Glaspy, Martha Ffion at Stereo, 7/11/16”

Martha Ffion – Trip [Turnstile]

With the perfect pop record from a blossoming pop pixie, Martha Ffion has delivered on the promise she more than hinted at in her 2015 single ‘No Applause’. Pleasingly different with a span of styles Trip introduces a tousled, tangled side to Ffion with new tracks ‘Red Letter Day’ and ‘School Nurse’ edging towards grungeyContinue reading “Martha Ffion – Trip [Turnstile]”

West End Festival All Dayer at Oran Mor, 19/6/16

So it’s another dad day and another all dayer at Oran Mor as part of the West End Festival, and while the line up today may not be quite as dad friendly as last year’s fare there is a host of local talent at various stages of their musical development on offer. Arriving early weContinue reading “West End Festival All Dayer at Oran Mor, 19/6/16”