Magners Summer Nights Electric Honey Sessions

Electric Honey is an institution of the Glasgow music scene; founded in 1992 at Glasgow’s Kelvin College it helped launch the careers of bands like Belle and Sebastian and Biffy Clyro. Today’s event was organised by the current Music Business students who are continuing under the Electric Honey name. Today’s lineup reads like a BuzzfeedContinue reading “Magners Summer Nights Electric Honey Sessions”


Mayor Stubbs – Mayor Stubbs [Gargleblast]

You may know Mayor Stubbs as the cat who has inexplicably been honorary mayor of Talkeetna, Alaska since 1997 (look it up, that’s not a joke!), but he also happens to be a Glasgow-based singer-songwriter. And just a few seconds listening to the latter’s self-titled debut EP should be enough, if you take into considerationContinue reading “Mayor Stubbs – Mayor Stubbs [Gargleblast]”