Melt-Banana at Stereo, 10/6/17

A packed Stereo is bubbling over with anticipation for noise-rock stalwarts Melt-Banana’s first Glasgow show in three years. I sense that most in the crowd know exactly what to expect from the Japanese duo, and surmise that the die-hards significantly outnumber those who have simply wandered in off the street in search of shelter fromContinue reading “Melt-Banana at Stereo, 10/6/17”

Melt-Banana, Cutty’s Gym at Mono, 22/5/2014

The night starts with Cutty’s Gym, a mathy post-rock duo of impressive technical ability. Dynamics and textures crystallise and dissipate, riffs stab and paradiddles diddle, time signatures shifting and guitar lines weaving through expert loop pedal work. It’s all highly impressive, although a bit too cerebral in comparison to things to come, lacking the vitality,Continue reading “Melt-Banana, Cutty’s Gym at Mono, 22/5/2014”