Milwalkie, Hjeartzz, Craws, Tallahassee Falls at 13th Note, 10/8/15

Tonight is a bit of a rare one, after we gave positive review to tonight’s headliner’s previous two LPs, Adjustments (2014) and No Routes (2013), we finally get the chance to see them live. Yes the brothers Matt and Steve Morris are from these shores, but they’ve been based in Berlin for some time, longContinue reading “Milwalkie, Hjeartzz, Craws, Tallahassee Falls at 13th Note, 10/8/15”

Milwalkie – Adjustments

Milwalkie are Matt and Steve Morris and Adjustments is their new and third album. The former of the brothers has described this record as being “as honest as possible” and from a listen or two this barefaced approach is quite evident. Each of the songs has an air of optimism, and a simple yet reassuringContinue reading “Milwalkie – Adjustments”