NIEVES – Exist and Expire

NIEVES is a four piece from Glasgow who released their debut self-titled EP in late 2014 (featuring the great ‘Straight Line’) and now, after racking up another EP and a sell-out show at King Tut’s, they are back with their debut album. For a record that billed itself as indie-folk, tracks like ‘(You Will) Change’Continue reading “NIEVES – Exist and Expire”

NIEVES (album launch), The Youth and Young at The Hug and Pint, 24/2/18

Folk rock band The Youth and Young put a lot of energy and emotion in to their performance. Supporting NIEVES at The Hug and Pint for their debut album launch they are all about big voices and harmonies. Tightly packed on the stage singing songs of relationships, passion and feelings their intensity was infectious; TheContinue reading “NIEVES (album launch), The Youth and Young at The Hug and Pint, 24/2/18”

Photo Review: Saint Luke’s All Dayer, 6/8/17

The beautiful east end converted church venue Saint Luke’s and accompanying bar the Winged Ox play host to their second all dayer event that looks to become a fixture of the Glasgow music calendar. With a host of local talent filling the bill it was a hot ticket on the weekend that many had travelledContinue reading “Photo Review: Saint Luke’s All Dayer, 6/8/17”

Nieves, Kyle Burgess (We Came From Wolves) at Broadcast, 9/12/16

Despite being a bit of a Grinch, and generally trying my damnedest to avoid all things Christmas, Nieves now annual festive show is an exception to the rule, and an emerging tradition I can totally get on board with. After spending the best part of an hour ensnared in less than festive Friday night trafficContinue reading “Nieves, Kyle Burgess (We Came From Wolves) at Broadcast, 9/12/16”

NIEVES, FOREIGNFOX, Courier’s Club at SWG3, 12/8/16

Thanks to getting hopelessly lost, first on the way to SWG3, and then again in the ladies, a Monty Hall-like puzzle, sadistically designed to confuse drunk gig goers, we are almost too late to catch first support act Courier’s Club tonight. The track and a bit that we do hear sounds promising, and I’ll beContinue reading “NIEVES, FOREIGNFOX, Courier’s Club at SWG3, 12/8/16”

Nieves – ‘Broken Oars’

Glasgow boys Nieves have become a firm favourite on my car stereo; the last year or so has seen them catapult on to the Scottish music scene with two excellent and well received EP’s and a couple of sell out shows at Tut’s. Musically they are highly accomplished using a compelling mix of gritty, matureContinue reading “Nieves – ‘Broken Oars’”

Nieves, Akela at Tut’s, 18/12/15

Thanks to a typically manic last Friday before Christmas, I’d pretty much resigned myself to missing out on Nieves’ second sold out Tut’s gig of 2015. Unwilling to admit defeat, I decide an eleventh hour dash through to Glasgow is worth a punt, and, with a little Wacky Races-esque driving, I arrive just in timeContinue reading “Nieves, Akela at Tut’s, 18/12/15”

Nieves – Matriarch

It’s an unassailable fact that life can be pretty damn grim, and Glasgow alt-folk foursome Nieves certainly aren’t going to sugar coat things for us. Instead, new EP Matriarch offers up an assiduous portrayal of the stark beauty to be found in sorrow, human shortfall, and those all too common grim realities. On first play,Continue reading “Nieves – Matriarch”

Nieves – ‘Legs and Arms’

I’ve been awfully fond of Nieves ever since I heard their debut single ‘Winter’; as mixing up traditional folk with a modern indie twist and heart-wrenching lyrics is right up my street. Originally a duo consisting of guitarist/vocalist Brendan Dafters and pianist Herre de Leur, Nieves have now picked up an additional two members in theContinue reading “Nieves – ‘Legs and Arms’”

Nieves – ‘Black Tie’

With their roots in acoustic folk, you’d be forgiven for not immediately recognising Nieves’ latest offering. ‘Black Tie’ is something of a sonic progression, but with a prominent use of dark, melancholic piano there are still at least some familiar focal points. This is not to say that the aforementioned progression is inherently negative however.Continue reading “Nieves – ‘Black Tie’”