OUTBLINKER – The Remains of Walter Peck [Stabbed In The Back]                                             

OUTBLINKER’s newest EP The Remains of Walter Peck is a swirl of driving drums, glitching effects and subtle synths, reminiscent of the soundtrack of dark 80s movies such as The Terminator. ‘Walter Peck’, the man who according to Bill Murray has no dick, is all build up, menacing, threatening and relentless, layering sounds over eachContinue reading “OUTBLINKER – The Remains of Walter Peck [Stabbed In The Back]                                             “

EPs of 2015 (10-1)

20-11  –  10-1  –  Tracks & albums 10 Turtle – Push Jon Cooper aka Turtle’s EP Push is titled as ambiguously as the music that inhabits it. It’s clean, but somehow gritty, it’s beautifully mixed and it happens to be just a great show on how to write ambient electronic music. ‘The River’ sounds like it shouldContinue reading “EPs of 2015 (10-1)”

Strange Behaviours at Tolbooth, Stirling, 21/11/15

Prior to tonight I’d never been to a show in Stirling, my current location being the main reason, still despite a host a of strong line ups in Glasgow this year’s Saturday line-up for Strange Behaviours has me intrigued, with names acts like OUTBLINKER, Happy Meals and CARBS all impressing recently. The initial line-up didContinue reading “Strange Behaviours at Tolbooth, Stirling, 21/11/15”

Electric Fields, 29/8/15

The journey down to Electric Fields begins post 9am and a ‘Happy Bus’ from Buchanan Bus Station; how anyone can muster up the energy to be “happy” at this time in the morning is beyond me and the atmosphere on the bus is as you’d expect from bed missing music lovers with not to manyContinue reading “Electric Fields, 29/8/15”

OUTBLINKER at The Hug and Pint, 8/8/15

The cosy basement of The Hug and Pint is packed out for tonight’s show and it is not surprising since the noise around tonight’s headliners has been growing larger over the last few months. The crowd are eager to see what the Glaswegian instrumental five-piece OUTBLINKER have to offer creating a magnificent buzz in the tinyContinue reading “OUTBLINKER at The Hug and Pint, 8/8/15”

Wickerman (Saturday), 25/7/15

Saturday got underway in earnest with RM Hubbert on the main stage; I arrive, a little late, to him announcing: “Radio One won’t play pop songs about depression…” He describes ‘Bolt’ as a more upbeat number (facetiously described as his attempt to get mainstream radio plays), but it is followed by what, in his ownContinue reading “Wickerman (Saturday), 25/7/15”