Tracks of 2014

19 Atom Tree – ‘Sinner’ [Hotgem] The opening track of the Glasgow electronic trio’s latest EP, Clouds, introduced us to vocalist Julie Knox, who’s powerful and emotive voice slides brilliantly into Atom Tree’s deep synthpop, alerting people the trio on a much bigger scale than before, and rightfully so. 19 Call To Mind – ‘Breathe’Continue reading “Tracks of 2014”

Owl John, Phillip Taylor at Cottiers, 23/7/14

The addition of Phillip Taylor of PAWS to tonight’s show was more than welcomed, we’ve watched PAWS grow from playing support slots in empty venues to touring with some of indie’s biggest names, and the constant touring has turned Taylor into an incredible songwriter and singer. Tonight, his set consists of acoustic versions of newContinue reading “Owl John, Phillip Taylor at Cottiers, 23/7/14”

We Are Scientists, PAWS at Bloc 12/7/14

Bloc is crammed; most of my reviews tend to start this way but an hour or two before the gig and the place looks like it’s reached its capacity, yet people still somehow manage to get in, nobody cares of course as we’re all here to see what will undoubtedly be one of the bestContinue reading “We Are Scientists, PAWS at Bloc 12/7/14”

PAWS at The Art School, 6/6/14

PAWS are back, on their “like eightieth night of tour”, but the fatigue does not hamper the live show. Having released second LP Youth Culture Forever in the States while touring with We Are Scientists, the album came out over here last week. PAWS are coming into their own this year on the wave ofContinue reading “PAWS at The Art School, 6/6/14”

PAWS – Youth Culture Forever [FatCat]

‘Poor Old Christopher Robin’ tied up 2012’s debut LP release in a way that made it hard to not be excited for this – Youth Culture Forever tends to live up to the expectations that these punk-rock maestros set for themselves with Cokefloat. Philip Taylor’s writing is never shallow or pretentious – he’s as narcissistic,Continue reading “PAWS – Youth Culture Forever [FatCat]”

Live review: Doune the Rabbit Hole Festival, 26-29/8/13