Peace, Splashh, YAK at QMU, 26/9/15

Peace have set a new gauge for frenzied fan-girls at live shows – gone are the days of bra-tossing, enter a new era of chucking a (far more precious) Doc Martens onto the stage as the benchmark of a bewilderingly good gig. YAK set the night off to a good start with a dark, ferociousContinue reading “Peace, Splashh, YAK at QMU, 26/9/15”

Peace at Tut’s, 18/3/15

After the light goes down, the city of Glasgow always seems to wake up from its daytime hibernation, bars are flashing their neon lights, and the atmosphere tends to become more electric. Tonight, King Tut’s is not only crowded with young punters ready to throw their arms in the air for music’s sake, but theContinue reading “Peace at Tut’s, 18/3/15”