Pinact – The Part That No One Knows [Kanine]

Pinact recently released this second LP The Part That No One Knows on Kanine showing a hunger to make their mark. Trickling into soft waltzing chord patterns The Part That No One Knows is a beautiful exposition in the face of the very gutsy and ‘groany’ Bring You Down: more classic pop-rock than its slightlyContinue reading “Pinact – The Part That No One Knows [Kanine]”

Vegan Connections, 12/8/17

Tonight over Renfield Lane’s two venues, The Old Hairdressers and Stereo, and further afield, Vegan Connections has gathered together some of Glasgow’s best bands and beyond. Terrafraid open the Hairdressers, giving their all even though not more of a hand full of revellers have yet arrived; melodic pop songs with a lot of heart and gritContinue reading “Vegan Connections, 12/8/17”

Pinact, Life Model at The Hug and Pint, 28/4/16

Fresh from their most successful English tour to date as well as a trip across the pond to SXSW, it’s fair to assume that Pinact are riding on the crest of a wave. After a couple of years of gigging relentlessly on the Glaswegian underground circuit, they’ve released their debut album Stand Still and RotContinue reading “Pinact, Life Model at The Hug and Pint, 28/4/16”

Albums of 2015 (20-11)

20-11  –  10-1  –  Tracks & EPs 20 December ’91 – Quebec [Gold Mold] Probably the only album to make this year’s lists recorded on a mobile phone, Quebec showcases both December ’91’s musicianship and originality. Raw, simple but excellently put together December 91’s music clearly serves as an outlet for his emotions as it touches onContinue reading “Albums of 2015 (20-11)”

Tracks of 2015 (30-21)

30-21  –  20-11  –  10-1  –  EPs & albums 30 Washington Irving – We Are All Going To Die [Naked Emperor] As the opening chords of ‘We Are All Going to Die’ begin, it becomes clear why Washington Irving is on the road to success. Written following a period of unrest between the band, ‘We Are All GoingContinue reading “Tracks of 2015 (30-21)”

Poor Things / Pinact / SHARPTOOTH / Halfrican – Split [Gerry Loves]

Turning five years old, Gerry Loves Records is an Edinburgh-based DIY label with a love for old school formats and underground Scottish music; covering everything from pop eclecticism to screaming noise-rock. This EP brings together four of the hottest bands in the country for a four track compilation that spans crunchy Weezer-like power-pop, Malkmus indebted college rock andContinue reading “Poor Things / Pinact / SHARPTOOTH / Halfrican – Split [Gerry Loves]”

T in the Park 2015 (Saturday)

After a rather easy ride back the previous night, leaving before the full on headliners finished, we decide to opt into a car park a bit closer to the festival site; little did we know how much hassle this would cause, but more on that later. Popping down to the media bit for the smallContinue reading “T in the Park 2015 (Saturday)”

Poor Things, Pinact, SHARPTOOTH, Halfrican at The Old Hairdressers, 27/6/15

With the likes of DF Concerts monopolising the Glasgow concert scene and even Bloc getting a lick of paint, those who like their gigs rough and ready are being pushed ever further underground. Fortunately for such hardy characters, there are still a handful of places in the city, like The Old Hairdressers, whose gig venueContinue reading “Poor Things, Pinact, SHARPTOOTH, Halfrican at The Old Hairdressers, 27/6/15”

Pinact (album launch) at Broadcast, 19/5/15

It’s Tuesday evening and Broadcast’s basement is filling up for the launch of Pinact’s debut album, Stand Still and Rot. You have to give the duo credit for bringing in a crowd on what is usually a generally quiet weekday, especially with The Hotelier playing to a heavy crowded Bloc just down the road. AfterContinue reading “Pinact (album launch) at Broadcast, 19/5/15”

Pinact – Stand Still and Rot [Kanine]

Anyone who has bore witness to a Pinact live show will testify to the band’s pulverising charms, as this is a duo always defies the numbers to produce a sound spiked with corrosive volume, sweetened with heartening melodies. Thus far, their slender output of EP’s and split singles has been a fine distillation of theseContinue reading “Pinact – Stand Still and Rot [Kanine]”