Photo Review: Belladrum Tartan Heart Festival 2017

In a chaotic affair we ending out not having any reviewers up at Belladrum this year, but we felt we’d be missing out if we called a halt on our photographers Allan Lewis and Stewart Fullerton going, so up they went and they got some great shots. Here’s some of the picks that we thoughtContinue reading “Photo Review: Belladrum Tartan Heart Festival 2017”

Posable Action Figures – ‘Cut’

Posable Action Figures follow up last year’s self-titled EP with their new single ‘Cut’; offering a distinctly funkier, poppier and less emotional beat. When I say poppy, I don’t mean “it’s so Britney Spears X Take That,” but that it pops, you can pop along to it – if you know what I mean. WhenContinue reading “Posable Action Figures – ‘Cut’”

XpoNorth Showcases, Inverness, 8/6/16

Lot’s of things have been said posted about XpoNorth, displaying different sides of the conference, from huge praise to scathing criticism; I have my own opinions on what is right and wrong about the music conference, but this is not the time for that, this is an opportunity to talk about all the wonderful actsContinue reading “XpoNorth Showcases, Inverness, 8/6/16”