Stag & Dagger Festival 2018

Stag & Dagger has been around for almost a full decade, originating in hipster central AKA London’s Shoreditch, which houses many new creatives and upcoming musicians. The festival had only one year under its fledgling belt before bequeathing Sauchiehall Street as its sister location in early 2009. Since then the mini-festival has grown in sizeContinue reading “Stag & Dagger Festival 2018”

Protomartyr at Broadcast, 2/4/16

Coming off a wave of hype from last year’s highly impressive third effort, The Agent Intellect, Detroit 4-piece post punk band Protomatyr‘s first headlining European tour has been awaited with bated breath since being announced. Indeed, tonight see’s a cramped and sweaty Broadcast taken over by a crowd hungry to see what this much talkedContinue reading “Protomartyr at Broadcast, 2/4/16”

METZ, Protomartyr at Stereo, 5/11/15

A double bill in the strong Subpop tradition; METZ are said level and Protomartyr on sister label Hardly Art. First up, Protomartyr, having disappointed me by not showing up in August last year I am very happy to finally see them. First stumbling across live footage of them in 2011 they appealed by sounding likeContinue reading “METZ, Protomartyr at Stereo, 5/11/15”