The Prodigy, Public Enemy at The Hydro, 23/11/15

Believe the hype…don’t believe the hype… believe the hype… don’t… apply that to both bands tonight, rinse and repeat. The Prodigy just racked up yet another number one album and Public Enemy, well, they’re Public Enemy; they sounded great on that Channel 4 sports advert the other year, but whether they’ve gone from recent Paralympic heroesContinue reading “The Prodigy, Public Enemy at The Hydro, 23/11/15”

Public Enemy, Hector Bizerk at ABC, 30/7/14

Public Enemy are pretty iconic, there’s no doubting that, but can they still pull it off live more than 20-years after their last big selling album – the answer is simply yes, but more on that later. As I arrive in the ABC, Glasgow hip-hop duo, turned full band tonight, Hector Bizerk are just polishingContinue reading “Public Enemy, Hector Bizerk at ABC, 30/7/14”

Public Enemy at O2 ABC tomorrow

Public Enemy, the act that rewrote the rules of hip-hop, becoming the most influential and controversial rap group of the late ’80s and, for many, the definitive rap group of all time play the O2 ABC Glasgow tomorrow! Building from Run-D.M.C.’s street-oriented beats and Boogie Down Productions’ proto-gangsta rhyming, Public Enemy pioneered a variation ofContinue reading “Public Enemy at O2 ABC tomorrow”