EPs of 2015 (20-11)

20-11  –  10-1  –  Tracks & albums 20 The Vegan Leather – This House A work that possesses both the sincerity and conviction necessary to remind any listener than pop can be more than just clean synths and solid marketing. While it in part feels like the gritty precursor to a potential masterpiece, This House is aContinue reading “EPs of 2015 (20-11)”

Quiet As A Mouse – Memorybox

Edinburgh based band Quiet As A Mouse have just released their new EP, Memorybox, which begins in a mellow and gentle way, reflecting the opening track’s title (‘Snowflake’) in many ways. Vocals from Alex Moran take centre stage, demonstrating his lyrical ability clearly as acoustic guitar and soft drumming accompany, however, the track build intoContinue reading “Quiet As A Mouse – Memorybox”

Quiet As A Mouse – ‘Christina It’s Christmas Time’

A word of warning: do not be fooled by the misleading title of the new Quiet As A Mouse single ‘Christina It’s Christmas Time’, it does not, by any means, present itself as an archetypal Christmas song and does not include heartwarming jingles of bells and talk of cheer and celebration. Instead, the band aimContinue reading “Quiet As A Mouse – ‘Christina It’s Christmas Time’”

Quiet as a Mouse – British Flag [Over the Hedge]

British Flag is the debut EP from Edinburgh quartet Quiet as a Mouse, offering an alternative indie vibe with a fresh guitar driven sound and lyrics, which lead singer and writer Alex Moran states that he writes with “bravery and honesty”. Musically there are hints of Public Image Ltd and there is a lyrical throwContinue reading “Quiet as a Mouse – British Flag [Over the Hedge]”