EPs of 2017 (30-21)

Albums 30-21 – 20-11 – 10-1 EPs 30-21 – 20-11 – 10-1 30. Polarneck/Grand Pricks – Polarpricks [GoldMold] Grand Pricks’ offer tracks that seem to always be building, replacing toe-tapping with jumping around wanting more, raucous anti-establishment punk which manages to deliver both the simple hook and feel of 80s skater punk, coupled with eloquent, carefully considered lyrics. Polarnecks hit youContinue reading “EPs of 2017 (30-21)”

Radiophonic Tuckshop – Running Commentary [Last Night From Glasgow]

Glaswegian musical guru Joe Kane is a man of many hats – not only is he a highly-regarded producer, he features in numerous (and diverse) bands, ranging from the psych-pop of Dr Cosmos’s Tape Lab, to being “Paul” in the excellent Beatles tribute act Them Beatles. Always keen to progress onto something new, Kane hasContinue reading “Radiophonic Tuckshop – Running Commentary [Last Night From Glasgow]”