FREAKENDER NYE with Sacred Paws, Shredd, Rapid Tan at Mono, 31/12/16

Heading down to Mono in high spirits for tonight’s New Year’s celebration planned by the team who put on the highly praised Freakender Weekender early in the year, excited to see what their next event has in store. First up is the ever-wonderful Rapid Tan, with a lineup consisting of members from a number of greatContinue reading “FREAKENDER NYE with Sacred Paws, Shredd, Rapid Tan at Mono, 31/12/16”


Rapid Tan – Wonderful Special [Number4Door]

Blunt and honest, Rapid Tan make a statement in ‘Theme from Rapid Tan’; it screams ‘we are here’ and interestingly it seems they “like to make friends”. In their debut EP Wonderful Special, Rapid Tan bring a whirlwind tour of everyday mundane experiences to life with vivid imagination and rebellious rhythmns. Released as an editionContinue reading “Rapid Tan – Wonderful Special [Number4Door]”