Electric Honey Annual Showcase at Oran Mor, 26/6/15

Opening the Electric Honey sessions is psychedelic rock duo Apache Sun; despite this being their first performance with this line-up, they have the talent of a five-piece band with Kris Mitchells distorted vocals and marching drums throughout. Next up is Finn LeMarinel, who is the complete opposite from any other act tonight; known for hisContinue reading “Electric Honey Annual Showcase at Oran Mor, 26/6/15”

SchnarffSchnarff – ‘Desk’ [Electric Honey]

SchnarffSchnarff’s new single ‘Desk’ adds to the band’s exciting repertoire, displayed on their debut EP last year and showcases their ability to create a powerful sound, through their passionate and raw playing and forceful vocals. There is no calm within ‘Desk’, as their aggressive style does not build gradually, but instead remains consistent throughout. VocalsContinue reading “SchnarffSchnarff – ‘Desk’ [Electric Honey]”

Bad Luck, SchnarffSchnarff, Twin Mirrors, Pinact at Tut’s 15/1/15

I’ve always found that the best gigs stem from inauspicious beginnings, and seen as it’s a miserable Thursday night in Glasgow and I know zilch about any of the four bands on tonight’s bill, I’m hoping tonight is no exception. It’s 8.40pm and about ten people have made it upstairs to witness Pinact take theContinue reading “Bad Luck, SchnarffSchnarff, Twin Mirrors, Pinact at Tut’s 15/1/15”