Celtic Connections Last Night From Glasgow showcase with Sister John, Annie Booth, Nicol & Elliott at The Hug and Pint, 28/1/18

Billed as Andrew Nicol, the opening act for this Celtic Connections Last Night From Glasgow Showcase is in fact Nicol & Elliott, acoustic folk/Americana duet Andrew Nicol and Rachel Elliott use the event to launch their debut EP, Down In Flames. A perfect fit for this Celtic Connections event with their unique blend of fiddle,Continue reading “Celtic Connections Last Night From Glasgow showcase with Sister John, Annie Booth, Nicol & Elliott at The Hug and Pint, 28/1/18”

Tracks of 2017 (40-31)

40. Marble Gods – ‘Washing Machine’ “a song about finding your feet and washing your socks”, it couldn’t have been put any better. Marble Gods are a band that exude joy, and ‘Washing Machine’ is the perfect example of that with its delightful lo-fi indie pop jangle, sugar coated C86 vocal displays and whimsical lyrics.Continue reading “Tracks of 2017 (40-31)”

Albums of 2017 (20-11)

Albums 30-21 – 20-11 – 10-1 EPs 30-21 – 20-11 – 10-1 20. And Yet It Moves – Free Pass To The Future With And Yet It Moves you never knew what to expect, from jaw dropping experimental jam-like frenzies to full on aural assaults they are the ever encapsulating live band led by a frontman in Dale Barclay thatContinue reading “Albums of 2017 (20-11)”

Sister John – Returned from Sea [Last Night From Glasgow]

Hot on the heels of their ridiculously gorgeous single ‘Sweetest Moment’ comes the debut album from Glasgow’s Sister John. Led by Amanda McKeown (vocals, guitar), the quartet have spend the last year meticulously constructing a grown up record that touches on pastoral folk, brushed psychedelia and country-rock storytelling. Backed by multi-instrumentalist Jonathan Lilley, violin playerContinue reading “Sister John – Returned from Sea [Last Night From Glasgow]”

Sister John – ‘Sweetest Moment’ [Last Night From Glasgow]

Meeting through the Parsonage Choir, Glasgow’s Sister John make beautiful lo-fi pop with a touch of Americana to their lush, warm harmonies. ‘Sweetest Moment’ is the second single to be released by Last Night From Glasgow after last year’s debut ‘He Came Down’ and it’s startling just how assured the songwriting feels right off the bat. From theContinue reading “Sister John – ‘Sweetest Moment’ [Last Night From Glasgow]”