Riverside Festival, 26-27/5/18

The river glitters and so do the arses on this most spectacular weekend in Glasgow: early summer sun competes with remarkable sparkling butts, freshly decorated at the onsite stall. While it may not appeal to Rave Child on the ground, the young folk being basted in pounding house and techno all weekend are not soContinue reading “Riverside Festival, 26-27/5/18”

Electric Frog and Pressure Riverside Festival at Riverside Museum, 27-28/5

Festivals, especially ones as full on as Riverside, inevitably provide snapshots: moments and memories that add up to a faintly confused and nebulous whole; often intensely vivid but scattergun, nonetheless That’s perhaps the whole point – an array of experiences that don’t fully make sense but nonetheless coalesce into a hyperreal survival task. So itContinue reading “Electric Frog and Pressure Riverside Festival at Riverside Museum, 27-28/5”