Sleaford Mods at The Art School, 17/10/15

Arriving a wee bit late after mistakenly looking at the set times for the previous night’s Dundee show, I’m instantly hit by the heat of the totally mobbed Vic Bar. It appears Sleaford Mods have fair gathered a following since we caught them in Broadcast back in November, indeed this had sold out well inContinue reading “Sleaford Mods at The Art School, 17/10/15”

Primavera Sound 2015 (Saturday)

Dashing down at the relatively early 6.30pm and predictably missing tickets for The Vaselines set at the Hidden Stage, I more than happily make do with the wonderous dreamy waves of DIIV, who create a delighting melodic lull in the early evening sunshine and sea air. Fucked Up play early on the Saturday evening onContinue reading “Primavera Sound 2015 (Saturday)”

Sleaford Mods at Broadcast, 5/11/14

It’s safe to say that in recent months Sleaford Mods have been receiving a lot of praise and I took it upon myself to found it whether it was deserved. For a Wednesday night Broadcast is absolutely packed out and I arrive just in time for Sleaford Mods kicking off. Playing a variety of theirContinue reading “Sleaford Mods at Broadcast, 5/11/14”