Soft Drinks Club – ‘Denial/Sixteen’ [GoldMold]

Luc Grindle’s raw and expressive voice carries Soft Drinks Club’s unfettered and straight to the point lyrics across their diverse and experimental music well. These two tracks point to the unpredictability of the band, you could be forgiven for thinking that each track comes courtesy of a different outfit. ‘Denial’ is fast, heavy and highlyContinue reading “Soft Drinks Club – ‘Denial/Sixteen’ [GoldMold]”

Strange Behaviours at Tolbooth, Stirling, 21/11/15

Prior to tonight I’d never been to a show in Stirling, my current location being the main reason, still despite a host a of strong line ups in Glasgow this year’s Saturday line-up for Strange Behaviours has me intrigued, with names acts like OUTBLINKER, Happy Meals and CARBS all impressing recently. The initial line-up didContinue reading “Strange Behaviours at Tolbooth, Stirling, 21/11/15”