Tracks of 2017 (50-41)

50. Stillhound – ‘X, Y & Dread’ ‘X, Y & Dread’ is a very stylish song, which is very sparing with its sound, never over-doing anything, with electronic sounds range from punchy and in your face – perhaps even discordant – to subtle, nuanced and quiet. Stillhound have a distinct style, which this release suggests isContinue reading “Tracks of 2017 (50-41)”

Electric Fields, Day 2, 2/9/17

Arriving on site again to find the sun out again is a glorious sight and we’re just on time for the Vitamin C hit that is Sacred Paws; the duo are so infectious and likeable, their chirpy harmonies and Rachel Aggs’ signature tropical guitar style just feels like it’s good for you. Whimsically dancey, likeContinue reading “Electric Fields, Day 2, 2/9/17”

Stillhound – ‘X, Y & Dread’

‘X, Y & Dread’ is a good name for a good song. The production on the track grabs instruments at will, affecting their audio and mixing it in skilfully. This is done with and without subtlety, using the elements to develop nice atmospheric swells and dips throughout the track. ‘X, Y & Dread’ is aContinue reading “Stillhound – ‘X, Y & Dread’”

Stillhound – Bury Everything [Lost Oscillation]

Stillhound’s debut album Bury Everything is a pulsating and lively piece of work that gets more intriguing the more of it you hear. Its pop, sure, and synth pop at that, though the band refuse at any point to shy away from that as a label, wearing it unapologetically, if not with a certain pride.Continue reading “Stillhound – Bury Everything [Lost Oscillation]”

T in the Park 2015 (Saturday)

After a rather easy ride back the previous night, leaving before the full on headliners finished, we decide to opt into a car park a bit closer to the festival site; little did we know how much hassle this would cause, but more on that later. Popping down to the media bit for the smallContinue reading “T in the Park 2015 (Saturday)”