Various Artists – Scottish Indie Sampler Vol.3 [GoldMold]

GoldMold’s Indie Samplersseek and draw some of the nation’s best DIY talents together and give them an audience. Pooling from a collection of different independent labels each time, the results are unfailingly eclectic and inventive. The third entry is no exception. This time drawing on talents provided by LP Records, winning sperm party, Lost Map,Continue reading “Various Artists – Scottish Indie Sampler Vol.3 [GoldMold]”

Sulka, Chrissy Barnacle, Pillow Talk at West Princes Street, 28/1/17

This is the type of gig that you want to find yourself at: free, bring your own booze, smoke indoors, stay as long as you want and listen to some great live music; truly, this is a gig to remember. First up are Pillow Talk, playing out of the very room where the singer ordinarilyContinue reading “Sulka, Chrissy Barnacle, Pillow Talk at West Princes Street, 28/1/17”