Sunflower Bean at Stereo, 1/4/18

Easter Sunday always makes for a jovial atmosphere in Glasgow, and this is certainly the case as New Yorkers Sunflower Beanperform to a sold-out Stereo, midway through a whistle stop tour of the UK promoting their freshly certified top 40 album Twentytwo In Blue. The band bounce onto the stage, with guitarist Nick Kivlen bizarrelyContinue reading “Sunflower Bean at Stereo, 1/4/18”

Sunflower Bean, The Van T’s at Broadcast, 7/9/16

Raised on a diet of 90s grunge, classic rock, psychedelia and indie dream-pop, Sunflower Bean have carved out not one but several musical niches for themselves, moving effortlessly between genres in each of their tracks. Their lyrical tone is often melancholy and contemplative, but there is a punk fury that carries many of their songsContinue reading “Sunflower Bean, The Van T’s at Broadcast, 7/9/16”