Electric Fields, Day 1, 1/9/17

Another year and another weekend at Electric Fields probably the best outdoor festival in Scotland just now and we definitely have the weather for it; I have the privilege of my own bed each night so don’t witness the late nights and early mornings, but for all the time the main arena is open notContinue reading “Electric Fields, Day 1, 1/9/17”

Temples at The Arches, 10/12/14

Tonight The Arches plays host to a band that only formed in 2012, yet already have a very solid base of fans and admirers, including Johnny Marr and Noel Gallagher, who have both dubbed them “the best new band in Britain”. The most apparent influence of Temples’ sound comes from the musical acid-adventurers of theContinue reading “Temples at The Arches, 10/12/14”