Catholic Action and Friends Takeover at Tut’s, 24/3/18

Tonight looks a fantastic evening filled with lots of great new up and coming bands, both the bar and the venue spaces of King Tut’s are used all night to bring the audience eight bands in total. Kicking off the night is Herbert Powell with punchy songs and big guitar sounds; the audience start toContinue reading “Catholic Action and Friends Takeover at Tut’s, 24/3/18”

EPs of 2017 (10-1)

Albums 30-21 – 20-11 – 10-1 EPs 30-21 – 20-11 – 10-1 10. Foreignfox – I Used To Be A Bellydancer [Scottish Fiction] Explosive, passionate and honest, I Used To Be A Bellydance added another EP to Foreignfox’s collection, establishing their identity and staying true to the burly Scottish accents and deep-seated, emotive melodies we’ve come to love. Huge, suspense-filled tracks,Continue reading “EPs of 2017 (10-1)”

Freakender Day 3, 17/9/17

Have you ever been to a festival and seen every act on the bill? Have you ever been to a festival, seen every act on the bill and never been bored or disappointed by anyone you’ve seen? I have now, and the glorious occasion that is Freakender closes with a nice chilled affair in theContinue reading “Freakender Day 3, 17/9/17”

The Bellybuttons – Wires

Newest release from The Bellybuttons, three track EP Wires, highlights an irreplaceable coolness with slick 90s vibes – the most important release of 2017 thus far. First track ‘Referendum on you (enemies)’ captures a calming and airy dynamic, cleverly put together and creatively charged – counter melodies weaving throughout. Effortlessly gliding into the second trackContinue reading “The Bellybuttons – Wires”

Tenement Trail, 8/10/16

My Tenement Trail starts in the Sleazy’s basement, following a visit to Love Music for a caringly delivered in-store from Edinburgh’s booming charmer Mt. Doubt, who airs a few new tracks which sound as cosy as any of his previous material despite singer Leo Bargery forgetting the words of one of said songs. Still, hisContinue reading “Tenement Trail, 8/10/16”

Top picks for Tenement Trail

This Saturday sees the return of Tenement TV’s all day multi venue festival Tenement Trail so we had a wee peek at the line up to give you our picks of the line up: Sweaty Palms at Broadcast (5.00) “Refusing to bow down to the crowd-pleasing generics of what it takes to “make it” theContinue reading “Top picks for Tenement Trail”

Fuzzkill presents The Shivas, The Bellybuttons at Broadcast, 8/7/16

The Shivas coast into Glasgow all the way from Portland, OR., spearheading the latest wave of the surf-rock revival after a string of dates with fellow beach bunnies La Luz last year. The trio has a slightly haunted look; that of a bizarro world Scooby–Doo gang, who took a wrong turn at the abandoned funfairContinue reading “Fuzzkill presents The Shivas, The Bellybuttons at Broadcast, 8/7/16”

The Bellybuttons – Nostalgia Factory [FUZZKILL]

The Bellybuttons and their Nostalgia Factory EP is the best Fuzzkill release to date. Right away the check points, Pavement/Weezer/Silver Jews influences are there, but unlike so many it does not feel like a bad copy. Have to admit I only caught them live recently at The Yummy Fur gig at Mono, but right awayContinue reading “The Bellybuttons – Nostalgia Factory [FUZZKILL]”

EPs of 2015 (20-11)

20-11  –  10-1  –  Tracks & albums 20 The Vegan Leather – This House A work that possesses both the sincerity and conviction necessary to remind any listener than pop can be more than just clean synths and solid marketing. While it in part feels like the gritty precursor to a potential masterpiece, This House is aContinue reading “EPs of 2015 (20-11)”

The Bellybuttons – PLAY! [Fuzzkill]

We all remember our first time; that unintentional stumble into visionary musical excellence; whether it be from rifling through your dad’s vinyl collection to unwittingly uncover a dusty Lou Reed Transformer sleeve, buying a second hand CD of Stoned And Dethroned from a car boot sale – unleashing The Jesus and Mary Chain into yourContinue reading “The Bellybuttons – PLAY! [Fuzzkill]”