Tenement Trail 2017

Down early for 2017’s edition of Tenement Trail and Edinburgh’s CHEAP TEETH play to a busy but relatively relaxed Broadcast basement. At points their music lends itself to the restrained atmosphere with subdued alt rock vibes, at others they move to gruffly sneered indie chant alongs. There’s glimpses of the band blowing you away withContinue reading “Tenement Trail 2017”

The Big Moon at Stereo, 2/4/16

Tonight, The Big Moon arrive on stage with all the energy and irreverence of a young Beatles – silly, playful, charmingly awkward. It’s hard to believe that the band began as the solo project of Juliette Jackson, as onstage they’re a cohesive, collective gang of four individual personalities. “It’s a pity [drummer] Fern [Ford] doesn’tContinue reading “The Big Moon at Stereo, 2/4/16”