The Deadline Shakes – Zealots [Flowers in the Dustbin]

The Deadline Shakes’ new album, Zealots establishes the band as an energetic and creative band that is not afraid to experiment. Opener ‘Bright Spot in a Bad Year’ commences with acoustic guitar and harmonising vocals, which gradually builds into an energetic pop track that also features an electric guitar solo and folk influences – openingContinue reading “The Deadline Shakes – Zealots [Flowers in the Dustbin]”

The Deadline Shakes – ‘Phonecalls In The Bath’ [Flowers In The Dustbin]

As we await the soon-to-be realise of The Deadline Shakes new album, they gift us with their new single ‘Phonecalls in the Bath’. Known for their vintage vibe with a mixture of rock, folk and eccentric pop operatic styles, ‘Phonecalls in the Bath’ brings everyone’s favourite pleasures into one extravagant song. This track starts withContinue reading “The Deadline Shakes – ‘Phonecalls In The Bath’ [Flowers In The Dustbin]”

The Deadline Shakes – ‘Slipping From Your Heart’ [Flowers In The Dustbin] 

Fresh from their track ‘Sweeten The Deal’ featuring in the People Make Glasgow advert from the dominant Commonwealth advertising, The Deadline Shakes have been making a noticeable impression. Their new single, ’Slipping From Your Heart is a carbon copy of exactly what the band describes themselves as, “rock, pop, maybe some folk, it rolls and sometimesContinue reading “The Deadline Shakes – ‘Slipping From Your Heart’ [Flowers In The Dustbin] “