Belladrum Tartan Heart Festival, 5/8/16

Day two of Belladrum begins with the most ungodly heatwave. Baked alive in my tent overnight, I hit the site early to take in some of the smaller acts the festival has to offer, specifically on the XpoNorth curated Seedlings stage with all its welcome shade – and it’s not the best of starts. DartingContinue reading “Belladrum Tartan Heart Festival, 5/8/16”

The LaFontaines at Barrowlands, 7/11/15

There are any number of excellent Scottish adjectives that can be used to accurately describe The LaFontaines’ live show… gallus, mental and pure brilliant are just a few that spring to mind. The, as yet unsigned, Motherwell quintet’s unique blend of hip-hop, rap, pop and rock has won them a fiercely loyal fan base, whoContinue reading “The LaFontaines at Barrowlands, 7/11/15”

The LaFontaines – Class [889]

It’s been a long time coming, but finally the debut album from The LaFontaines, often cited as a candidate for Scotland’s hottest current live act, has landed. ‘Slow Elvis’ is a growling introduction; the heavy rock feel may lead newcomers to believe the band are Scotland’s Rage Against the Machine, a misguided perception soon toContinue reading “The LaFontaines – Class [889]”

The LaFontaines at Tut’s, 8/2/15

From the moment The LaFontaines take the stage, the room fills with energy; tonight’s crowd eager to see the band’s sold out ‘Throwback Set’ for part of King Tut’s 25th birthday celebrations. “How we fucking doing Glasgow?” asks frontman Kerr Okan, before crowd pleaser ‘Under The Storm’ is met by chanting, jumping and a ridiculousContinue reading “The LaFontaines at Tut’s, 8/2/15”

The LaFontaines – Under The Storm [Lab]

In terms of the current Scottish music scene, a band that needs no introduction is The LaFontaines. They play a unique hip-hop infused brand of rock music that has gained them a large dedicated following, and it appears that their devout fans will be far from disappointed with new release Under The Storm. The storyContinue reading “The LaFontaines – Under The Storm [Lab]”