T in the Park, 10/7/16

Day three arrives and there’s no reprieve on the weather, meaning not only is the arena the muddiest I can remember attending, but that we’re a good half hour late on the gates as flooding has caused health and safety concerns. These precautions seem more than granted, but unfortunately it does mean I only getContinue reading “T in the Park, 10/7/16”

Stag and Dagger (Part Two), 1/5/16

In the previous coverage of Stag and Dagger our reviewer, Adam Turner-Heffer, spoke of the fun of people’s entirely different experiences of the festival. Intriguingly enough mine and Adam’s days overlap in only two places, one being rejecting the daunting queue for We Were Promised Jetpacks and the other being the early in the dayContinue reading “Stag and Dagger (Part Two), 1/5/16”

Tracks of 2015 (30-21)

30-21  –  20-11  –  10-1  –  EPs & albums 30 Washington Irving – We Are All Going To Die [Naked Emperor] As the opening chords of ‘We Are All Going to Die’ begin, it becomes clear why Washington Irving is on the road to success. Written following a period of unrest between the band, ‘We Are All GoingContinue reading “Tracks of 2015 (30-21)”

The Lapelles – ‘Snakehips/Seventeen’

Fiery, energetic and exhilarating, The Lapelles are able, on stage and in the studio, to encapsulate both the highs and the lows of youth, not to mention the chaos in between. This Glasgow five-piece have a recently brought out a new double release, ‘Snakehips’ and ‘Seventeen’, and these two tracks exhibit the band at itsContinue reading “The Lapelles – ‘Snakehips/Seventeen’”

The Lapelles (single launch) at Broadcast, 28/12/15

Tonight at Broadcast, The Lapelles launch new double A side ‘Snakehips / Seventeen’, to an appropriately wild and enthusiastic crowd. The young East Kilbride band are a five-piece who draw on the legacy of noughties garage rock revival, post-punk and post-Britpop; uproarious, infectious and unreserved, they channel the best of unabashed rock ’n’ rollers suchContinue reading “The Lapelles (single launch) at Broadcast, 28/12/15”

BABY STRANGE, The Lapelles, Halfrican at Saint Luke’s, 9/10/15

Newly opened St. Luke’s in Glasgow’s east end has almost instantly become one of the most popular venues in the city right now. Tonight it hosts the long awaited home city headline for BABY STRANGE and a considerable amount of people have turned up for the first support and after some great tunes, matching t-shirtContinue reading “BABY STRANGE, The Lapelles, Halfrican at Saint Luke’s, 9/10/15”