The Narcissist Cookbook – ‘In Which an Allegation is Made’

I first encountered The Narcissist Cookbookwhen I listened to the very excellent compilation album Swamp Day by The Death Collective. The NC song on the record was called “A Song About a Band Called Nirvana” and was hilarious as it was catchy, that is to say, it was hilarious and catchy. I would put it onContinue reading “The Narcissist Cookbook – ‘In Which an Allegation is Made’”

Swamp Day Compilation [Death Collective]

Comprising a record with an apparently unintentional emphasis on death, Death Collective’s compilation Swamp Day was recorded by Kieran Hughes at his home studio at the Tollbooth in Stirling. Truly an achievement, the album brings together a range of artists from across the country to revel in collective creativity. Over the course of a weekContinue reading “Swamp Day Compilation [Death Collective]”

Strange Behaviours at Tolbooth, 25-26/11/16

Tolbooth’s Strange Behaviours has two-day festival returns to Stirling for a third triumphant year. With 18 acts to choose from, the event is a musical smorgasbord with a genre to please even the pickiest of music fans. Living up to the events name, this year’s chosen aesthetics are just that – strange; broken and decoratedContinue reading “Strange Behaviours at Tolbooth, 25-26/11/16”