The Spook School – Could It Be Different? [Alcopop]

This is The Spook School’s third album and it still holds a very youthful, carefree buoyancy that stays a float above a catalogued amount of music that is as deep as the ocean. Released by Alcopop, Could it be Different?is another cry out for their influence of finding their own identity, not just musically asContinue reading “The Spook School – Could It Be Different? [Alcopop]”

The Spook School (album launch), Martha, Marble Gods at Stereo, 27/1/18

“Tonight’s show is sponsored by Linda McCartney sausages. Sausages! Vegetarian! Sausages! Vegetarian!” is announced through the speakers in the unmistakable tones of Spook School drummer, and mouthpiece of the band, Niall McCamley. It’s a theme that plays out throughout the show, as McCamley’s battle for veggie sausage sponsorship is played out before us, but beforeContinue reading “The Spook School (album launch), Martha, Marble Gods at Stereo, 27/1/18”

Tracks of 2017 (20-11)

20. Golden Teacher – ’Spiritron’ ‘Spiritron’ was the standout in an unexpected joyous surprise of a Golden Teacher full-length, No Luscious Life. The track captures the band’s effervescent live sound with an addictive mess of punk energy, otherworldly synths and Detroit funk, dancefloor hitting beats. 19. Shredd – ‘Flight of Stairs’ [Fuzzkill] ‘Flight Of Stairs’ begins withContinue reading “Tracks of 2017 (20-11)”

The Spook School – ‘Less Than Perfect’ [Alcopop!]

The infectious indie pop delivered by Edinburgh four-piece The Spook School has all the honest charm of previous efforts with a punchy joyfulness that has become synonymous with the group. ‘Less Than Perfect’ is the second single from their upcoming third album, Could it be Different?, and illustrates their growth since 2013’s debut effort, ‘DressContinue reading “The Spook School – ‘Less Than Perfect’ [Alcopop!]”

The Spook School – ‘Still Alive’ [Alcopop!]

Edinburgh scuzzy indie pop quartet The Spook School release their eagerly anticipated third album on January 26, to whet the appetite the cheeky noise merchants have released single ‘Still Alive’, which oozes quite frankly more than enough hooks and quirks to get us excited about Could It Be Different? Mixing the distorted waves of lo-fiContinue reading “The Spook School – ‘Still Alive’ [Alcopop!]”

Pop!South Weekender with The Spook School, ballboy, BooHooHoo, Life Model, Wolf Girl, Soda Foundation Rag at The Glad Cafe, 11/2/17

For the fourth (and sadly final) year running, Glasgow promoters Pop!South curate a long weekend of DIY indie and punk from Southside staple, The Glad Cafe. Unfortunately, trains and tardiness kept me from catching opening acts Marble Gods and Joyce Delaney but, having seen both tear it up live elsewhere, I can confirm they areContinue reading “Pop!South Weekender with The Spook School, ballboy, BooHooHoo, Life Model, Wolf Girl, Soda Foundation Rag at The Glad Cafe, 11/2/17”

Tenement Trail, 8/10/16

My Tenement Trail starts in the Sleazy’s basement, following a visit to Love Music for a caringly delivered in-store from Edinburgh’s booming charmer Mt. Doubt, who airs a few new tracks which sound as cosy as any of his previous material despite singer Leo Bargery forgetting the words of one of said songs. Still, hisContinue reading “Tenement Trail, 8/10/16”

Top picks for Tenement Trail

This Saturday sees the return of Tenement TV’s all day multi venue festival Tenement Trail so we had a wee peek at the line up to give you our picks of the line up: Sweaty Palms at Broadcast (5.00) “Refusing to bow down to the crowd-pleasing generics of what it takes to “make it” theContinue reading “Top picks for Tenement Trail”

PAWS (album launch), The Spook School, Adam Stafford at Stereo, 25/6/16

Adam Stafford opens the night with an intense set of long repetitive soundscapes, using looped riffs to create atmospheric noise between prog-rock and post-punk. The crowd maintains a subdued vibe for the first half of the show, with a solitary Saltire hanging in the sound booth in the middle of the room, the one clueContinue reading “PAWS (album launch), The Spook School, Adam Stafford at Stereo, 25/6/16”

The Spook School – Try To Be Hopeful [Fortuna Pop]

The Spook School stun with their new album Try To Be Hopeful, their follow up to 2013 debut Dress Up. A lyrically thoughtful album that focuses on topical issues alongside the idea of being your true self, love and everything in between; opening with ‘Burn Masculinity’ the lyrics “burn, burn, burn masculinity, there’s nothing itContinue reading “The Spook School – Try To Be Hopeful [Fortuna Pop]”