The Van T’s, Shredd, Pleasure Heads at Stereo, 16/2/18

Pleasure Heads (PLSR HDS) from Falkirk describe themselves as fuzzy pop, however on this showing they are a rock solid indie rock/pop outfit with a hankering back to 1980’s post punk. The night sees the release of their latest single ‘Middle Men’, which forms part of their guitar led set. Strong choruses, husky vocals andContinue reading “The Van T’s, Shredd, Pleasure Heads at Stereo, 16/2/18”

The Van T‘s – Bitter Sweet [LAB]

Glaswegian surf-rock band The Van T‘s bless us with new catchy single ‘Bitter Sweet’; the second single the four-piece have released in 2017, a follow up to the energetic and loud ‘Fresh Meat’. In comparison to ‘Fresh Meat’, their latest release is calmer, but the band still remain loyal to their harmonies and guitar heavyContinue reading “The Van T‘s – Bitter Sweet [LAB]”

The Van T’s – ‘Fresh Meat’ [LAB]

Quite easily one of the hottest properties in the country right now, The Van T’s, fronted by twins Hannah and Chloe Van Thompson, have exploded from a clustered scene of bland poseurs with a genuinely exciting blend of grunge, shoegaze and scuzz-fuelled riffs. New single ‘Fresh Meat’, their first since signing to LAB Records, completelyContinue reading “The Van T’s – ‘Fresh Meat’ [LAB]”

New Year’s Revolution with The Van T’s at Tut’s, 13/1/17

One of the most highly anticipated nights of this year’s New Year’s Revolution is The Van T’s headliner, and it’s safe to say they deliver exactly what the crowd are after. The show is sold out and everyone in the tightly packed Tut’s seems in high spirits, and it is in the 15-minutes before TheContinue reading “New Year’s Revolution with The Van T’s at Tut’s, 13/1/17”

The Van T’s – Fun Garçon [Bloc]

The fuzzy opening riff that crashes into squealing guitars on The Van T’s latest track tells you everything you need to know about what’s to come. This is a band who mix grunge, post-punk and surf rock seamlessly to create one of the coolest Scottish sounds of the year. ‘Fun Garçon’ is about keeping theContinue reading “The Van T’s – Fun Garçon [Bloc]”

Top picks for Tenement Trail

This Saturday sees the return of Tenement TV’s all day multi venue festival Tenement Trail so we had a wee peek at the line up to give you our picks of the line up: Sweaty Palms at Broadcast (5.00) “Refusing to bow down to the crowd-pleasing generics of what it takes to “make it” theContinue reading “Top picks for Tenement Trail”

Sunflower Bean, The Van T’s at Broadcast, 7/9/16

Raised on a diet of 90s grunge, classic rock, psychedelia and indie dream-pop, Sunflower Bean have carved out not one but several musical niches for themselves, moving effortlessly between genres in each of their tracks. Their lyrical tone is often melancholy and contemplative, but there is a punk fury that carries many of their songsContinue reading “Sunflower Bean, The Van T’s at Broadcast, 7/9/16”

Electric Fields 2016, Day Two, 27/7/16

Day two starts on a fragile note as midday proves a touch too early to drag myself down for Bella and the Bella, so my day starts lulled next to the sound desk at the Main Stage sipping orange juice from the carton in the sunshine, with the somewhat depleted Palms boys, who still seemContinue reading “Electric Fields 2016, Day Two, 27/7/16”

Ones to look out for at Electric Fields 2016

Electric Fields might well be the most exciting festival north of the border this year, with a line up that draws huge talent from both the local pool and further afield and without compromising in talent have drawn together the most attractive line up we’ve seen in a while. Last year Electric Fields was aContinue reading “Ones to look out for at Electric Fields 2016”

The Van T’s – A Coming of Age [Bloc+]

I recently came to the conclusion that they just don’t make things like they did in the 90s. While I appreciate that this is, in some cases, is not a bad thing (think Irish girl band fiasco B*witched) there does appear to be a fair amount of nostalgia for good 90s’ indie. Happily, the breachContinue reading “The Van T’s – A Coming of Age [Bloc+]”