Wickerman (Friday), 24/7/15

We were told that Wickerman Festival 2015 was the year of the Phoenix, a year of transition and change. On arrival that change doesn’t seem apparent – the festival layout is pretty much the same as it has been in years before (aside from the installation of the new ‘Phoenix’ tent). The bars, festivities andContinue reading “Wickerman (Friday), 24/7/15”

Magners Summer Night at the Bandstand with The Waterboys, 8/8/14

Dull skies and rain had plagued Glasgow since early afternoon, incessant and without reprieve the drizzle continued its relentless downpour all throughout the support slot from Northern Irelands solo, acoustic performer Rainy Boy Sleep, while throngs of people filter into the outdoor venue with umbrellas held high, to be handed a free ‘Magners’ poncho toContinue reading “Magners Summer Night at the Bandstand with The Waterboys, 8/8/14”