Pulled Apart By Horses, TIGERCUB, Thee MVPs at Tut’s, 6/4/17

The doors open late, which I would usually appreciate as I am usually running late; unfortunately tonight, I was right on time, I didn’t want to miss Thee MVPs, and miss them I didn’t. They walk on stage, beers in hand, and blare into a cacophony of sound, starting the way they go on; theirContinue reading “Pulled Apart By Horses, TIGERCUB, Thee MVPs at Tut’s, 6/4/17”

FREAKENDER at The Old Hairdresser’s, 17/9/16

By the time I make it to The Old Hairdresser’s, even the designated gig photographer is crowdsurfing with a gleeful abandon – digital SLR in one hand, a bottle of Buckie dregs in the other. And it’s barely gone 8 o’clock. The raw power of London’s Thee MVPs has forged the audience into a singleContinue reading “FREAKENDER at The Old Hairdresser’s, 17/9/16”