Thula Borah – Near Life Experience [Kill Jester]

Near Life Experience is the latest release from Glasgow’s Thula Borah, an interesting four-piece who seem to be as at home in the avant-garde underground as they’re playing to leather clad metal heads. ‘Analysis Paralysis’ sets the scene with an earth churning instrumental that brings to mind the sand-blasted road-warrior stoner metal of Clutch orContinue reading “Thula Borah – Near Life Experience [Kill Jester]”

Various Artists – Bloc+ Compilation #1 [Bloc+]

Bar Bloc have released the first of four free compilation albums via their Bloc+ label featuring a showcase of innovative artists. The compilation was born from the venues commitment to nurturing up and coming bands that are struggling to get their music out there due to the pressures of the industry. The bar runs anContinue reading “Various Artists – Bloc+ Compilation #1 [Bloc+]”