QMU Live Fest with Tuff Love, Tijuana Bibles, GoodCopGreatCop, Copper Lungs, The Youth and Young, The Rockalls, Josephine Sillars, LYLO, The Insomniac Project

“Did anyone used to go to Rev?” “Is Cheesy Pop still a thing?” You can tell what bands went to Glasgow uni tonight! Let’s be honest, it’s totally weird being back at the QMU, this was a regular daytime haunt in my early uni days and seven years on a lot has changed, but yetContinue reading “QMU Live Fest with Tuff Love, Tijuana Bibles, GoodCopGreatCop, Copper Lungs, The Youth and Young, The Rockalls, Josephine Sillars, LYLO, The Insomniac Project”

Clutch, Planet of Zeus, Tijuana Bibles at O2 Academy Glasgow, 23/11/15

Clutch are a band for whom the levees have broken and the gallows pole has been strung up; playing blues music that’s rain lashed and sun baked in a world of highway outlaws and evil spirits and tonight they roll into Glasgow’s Academy; a large venue to be sure but one that the crowd seemContinue reading “Clutch, Planet of Zeus, Tijuana Bibles at O2 Academy Glasgow, 23/11/15”

Tijuana Bibles – Ghost Dance Movement

Their name might conjure ghost town preachers and dusty prairie roads, but the most believable stopping off points for Glasgow neo-psych rockers, Tijuana Bibles, are AM-era Arctic Monkeys and their spiritual forebears Queens of the Stone Age. Trading in dusty riffs, sexy come-ons and late night tales, their rock ‘n’ roll outlaw shtick is givenContinue reading “Tijuana Bibles – Ghost Dance Movement”

Tijuana Bibles, Kelvin, Laura St Jude at Oran Mor, 5/9/15

Oran Mor kicks off the start of Tijuana Bibles’ “Ghost Dance” tour- a 24-date tour around Europe, and with the release of their second EP Ghost/Dance/Movement their biggest headline in their home city has been highly awaited as these guys take on some new territories. Laura St Jude is the opening act with her bandContinue reading “Tijuana Bibles, Kelvin, Laura St Jude at Oran Mor, 5/9/15”

Tijuana Bibles at Broadcast, 20/3/15

It’s been a somewhat transcendental day, with solar flares lighting up the night sky with the mystic Northern Lights, a solar eclipse darkening the morning sky and now ravechild finds themselves en route to a midnight gig that marks the homecoming of Glasgow’s very own Tijuana Bibles. Fresh off the back of a UK wideContinue reading “Tijuana Bibles at Broadcast, 20/3/15”

Tijuana Bibles – ‘Sun Chaser’

As evidenced on their previous single ‘Crucifixion’ and Wild River EP, Glasgow’s Tijuana Bibles are the keepers of a groove born out of the very elements: a fevered and enchanting groove which takes us tripping through the desert on their new single, ‘Sun Chaser’. The opening bars find the robust rhythm section of Behn CrossContinue reading “Tijuana Bibles – ‘Sun Chaser’”

Tracks of 2014

19 Atom Tree – ‘Sinner’ [Hotgem] The opening track of the Glasgow electronic trio’s latest EP, Clouds, introduced us to vocalist Julie Knox, who’s powerful and emotive voice slides brilliantly into Atom Tree’s deep synthpop, alerting people the trio on a much bigger scale than before, and rightfully so. 19 Call To Mind – ‘Breathe’Continue reading “Tracks of 2014”

Tenement Trail Festival, 4/10/14

Today, the Tenement TV team go from the very white living room in front of a camera to some very colourful live venues in front of hundreds of music fans, this is the second Tenement Trail festival encapsulating five of Glasgow’s most popular venues, and over 30 of Scotland’s most promising acts. We begin inContinue reading “Tenement Trail Festival, 4/10/14”

Tijuana Bibles – ‘Crucifixion’ [Dead Beet]

Tijuana Bibles had an incredibly busy summer, and show no signs of slowing down, their most recent single ‘Crucifixion’ is a great piece of blues influenced music, which shows off the bands notable sound. The band’s similarities to outfits such as Black Sabbath and Queens Of The Stone Age have already been well documented, butContinue reading “Tijuana Bibles – ‘Crucifixion’ [Dead Beet]”

Belladrum Tartan Heart Festival, 9/8/14

An advantage of having an evening heavy line-up is being able to explore the hidden aspects of the festival that make it unique; past many of the stages, stalls and portaloos lies the Walled Garden: host to hot tubs, vintage markets, fortune tellers and other curiosities. The largest curiosity being the Burke and Hare TheatreContinue reading “Belladrum Tartan Heart Festival, 9/8/14”