Two Wings – A Wake [Tin Angel]

Nostalgia can be a wonderful tool – it can evoke strong memories and enable an album to quickly and subliminally penetrate your soul. With their album A Wake Glasgow based Two Wings succeed in transporting you back to late 70’s Laurel Canyon and early 80’s Sunset Strip without leaning on those ideas too heavily. On the surfaceContinue reading “Two Wings – A Wake [Tin Angel]”

Two Wings Tour New Album, A Wake

 Earlier this year Two Wings released their critically acclaimed second album A Wake on Tin Angel Records, which they will be touring through May and June. Based around the song-writing partnership of vocalist Hanna Tuulikki and guitarist Ben Reynolds, Two Wings are a glorious hybrid of sounds ancient and modern. Psych-rock guitar is married toContinue reading “Two Wings Tour New Album, A Wake”