Doune the Rabbit Hole, Day 1, 18/8/17

We’re back at Doune for another year and thankfully this year isn’t cut short for illness reasons, however what we find when we arrive is a very weather affected site; still there’s line up that on paper looks as strong as any in Scotland this year. Sadly, after a long queue to get into theContinue reading “Doune the Rabbit Hole, Day 1, 18/8/17”

Preview: Doune The Rabbit Hole (Friday)

With Doune the Rabbit Hole coming up next weekend we thought we’d give you a run down of some of the acts to check out, problem was we felt the line up so strong that we couldn’t limit it down to a certain number, here’s a wee day by day effort to keep you occupied:Continue reading “Preview: Doune The Rabbit Hole (Friday)”

Tracks of 2015 (30-21)

30-21  –  20-11  –  10-1  –  EPs & albums 30 Washington Irving – We Are All Going To Die [Naked Emperor] As the opening chords of ‘We Are All Going to Die’ begin, it becomes clear why Washington Irving is on the road to success. Written following a period of unrest between the band, ‘We Are All GoingContinue reading “Tracks of 2015 (30-21)”

Ubre Blanca – The Sadist [Giallo Disco]

The same-named opener as this malevolently titled EP looms appropriately ominously into view with a fair sprinkling of menace: brooding electronic pulses and groans with a sleazy as you like backbeat; depending on your take on things it’s either a thrilling statement of intent or a John Carpenter film playing in the background whilst youContinue reading “Ubre Blanca – The Sadist [Giallo Disco]”

Wickerman (Friday), 24/7/15

We were told that Wickerman Festival 2015 was the year of the Phoenix, a year of transition and change. On arrival that change doesn’t seem apparent – the festival layout is pretty much the same as it has been in years before (aside from the installation of the new ‘Phoenix’ tent). The bars, festivities andContinue reading “Wickerman (Friday), 24/7/15”

Ubre Blanca, WHILST, hausfrau at TheHug and Pint, 11/7/15

Ms hausfrau provides the entrée for tonight’s festivities: a bewilderingly early slot, not as any comment on the other two bands this eve, but simply because she is shit hot; some kind of march up the pecking order is overdue. ‘Season of the Witch’ is the predictable stand out in a sexy, moody collection recallingContinue reading “Ubre Blanca, WHILST, hausfrau at TheHug and Pint, 11/7/15”

Ubre Blanca – Escape from Terminal Island [Clan Destine]

Escape from Terminal Island is the second release from Ubre Blanca on Clan Destine Records, following up their 2013 release, Polygon Mountain. The purple sunset that adorns the cover of Terminal Island is a good representation of what sets this release apart from the latter; the ingredients are the same synths, layers of them, andContinue reading “Ubre Blanca – Escape from Terminal Island [Clan Destine]”

Casual Sex (Single Launch), Ubre Blanca, Sluts of Trust at CCA, 6/10/14

The confidently monikered Casual Sex prepare to unleash their new double single tonight on Glasgow’s Art Hub the CCA but before that Sluts of Trust open proceedings with dystopian visions sung in a grim Glaswegian accents. At one point a surprisingly upbeat number gets the crowd dancing momentarily, however they seem like a band thatContinue reading “Casual Sex (Single Launch), Ubre Blanca, Sluts of Trust at CCA, 6/10/14”