UNDO – ‘Tides’

UNDO are back again with ‘Tides’, displaying their penchant for fast and frantic instrumental work under passionate, honest and well-delivered vocals. The instrumentation is excellent, with the introduction of shakers and other such, such and suches throughout. It is not so much that the music is overly technically impressive, more so that the elements areContinue reading “UNDO – ‘Tides’”

UNDO – ‘Candied’

UNDO have a fantastic energy around about them on stage and on record. Managing to remain fresh but familiar sounding on their new single ‘Candied’, the track channels mid-noughties pop-punk emo through the unique lens of Glasgow’s currently exploding rock culture. With great vocal harmonies, fast, precise drums and battling guitars, the track does whatContinue reading “UNDO – ‘Candied’”

UNDO – ‘Reach for the Wire’

‘Reach for the Wire’ is very well put together and particularly enjoyable, while being unapologetically raw and rough around the edges at the same time. It is the second single to be released from their self-titled album, which came out in February. ‘Reach for the Wire’ barely manages to keep all of its energy in,Continue reading “UNDO – ‘Reach for the Wire’”


Despite only forming last year, UNDO already have their sound clearly defined and showcase that on their debut self-titled and self-released new album. ‘Hollow Hands’ is a strong opening track, which fuses indie guitars and post-punk vocals to create a nostalgic sound. ‘Paint Me’ is more upbeat and the band admit it’s a song onContinue reading “UNDO – UNDO”

Stag and Dagger (Part One), 1/5/16

Over the years, Stag and Dagger has become one of the primary fixtures in the musical calendar in Glasgow. While this year’s line-up isn’t the most eye-catching in the festival’s history, part of the festival’s fun in years gone by has been discovering young talent, and this year’s event doesn’t disappoint. Kicking off the NiceContinue reading “Stag and Dagger (Part One), 1/5/16”