Villagers, Holly Macve at Oran Mor, 2/2/16

Only four months after Conor O’Brien last played at the Oran Mor, he’s back. This time though he’s relocated upstairs, setting up under Alasdair Gray’s famous murals and for an artist whose work is itself dense with symbolism it’s a perfect setting. Before the main act however, their guest for the evening takes to theContinue reading “Villagers, Holly Macve at Oran Mor, 2/2/16”

Villagers at Oran Mor, 28/4/15

Lead singer Conor O’Brien comments that the last time Villagers played at Oran Mor there was a snowstorm outside and a very small crowd inside. The disappointing departure of the fleeting April heatwave means that the weather hasn’t changed much since their previous visit, but fortunately there has been improvement in terms of the growthContinue reading “Villagers at Oran Mor, 28/4/15”