Warpaint, The Garden at O2 ABC Glasgow, 24/3/15 

You think you’ve seen it all; you go to gigs on a regular basis, have done so since what seems the beginning of time and it has all became something of a ritual, however, most unfortunately it feels from time to time all too ritualistic as you witness a similar chain of events whether you’reContinue reading “Warpaint, The Garden at O2 ABC Glasgow, 24/3/15 “

Primavera Sound, Barcelona, 29/5/14

With being a somewhat Primavera veteran, at least compared to my contributors attending the festival this year, I decided to let them take the writing and actually cut loose and enjoy myself, well why change what happens every year – the wear and tear of a 7am finish and the seemingly constant drilling around BarcelonaContinue reading “Primavera Sound, Barcelona, 29/5/14”