Stag and Dagger (Part One), 1/5/16

Over the years, Stag and Dagger has become one of the primary fixtures in the musical calendar in Glasgow. While this year’s line-up isn’t the most eye-catching in the festival’s history, part of the festival’s fun in years gone by has been discovering young talent, and this year’s event doesn’t disappoint. Kicking off the NiceContinue reading “Stag and Dagger (Part One), 1/5/16”

We Are Scientists, PAWS at Bloc 12/7/14

Bloc is crammed; most of my reviews tend to start this way but an hour or two before the gig and the place looks like it’s reached its capacity, yet people still somehow manage to get in, nobody cares of course as we’re all here to see what will undoubtedly be one of the bestContinue reading “We Are Scientists, PAWS at Bloc 12/7/14”

We Are Scientists at ABC, 12/3/14

What’s that coming over the hill? Is it a monster? No it’s 2005, year of the indie boom. Forced (or, tricked?) into thinking this was a joyous occasion for music. Subjected to an over-abundance of new-wave indie bands, who were basking in an ephemeral smokescreen of success thanks to the inanity of record industry sheep-like-anticsContinue reading “We Are Scientists at ABC, 12/3/14”