Wecamefromwolves at The Garage, 5/5/17

Showing up not so fashionably late to tonight’s show (as usual), I make it in time for old favourites wecamefromwolves’ set. A last minute decision made when frontman Kyle Burgess messaged asking if I’d like to come along; I’m usually not favourable of last minute plans but I couldn’t turn down the offer to seeContinue reading “Wecamefromwolves at The Garage, 5/5/17”

wecamefromwolves, Alburn, GoodCopGreatCop, Bright Side at Tut’s, 30/8/14

After a highly successful 2014 playing multiple shows and festivals around the UK (including T in The Park and Wickerman) as well playing dates in both France and Germany, wecamefromwolves return to Scotland to conclude the summer with a headline a sold out show at Tut’s. Melodic hardcore punk band Bright Side kick off theContinue reading “wecamefromwolves, Alburn, GoodCopGreatCop, Bright Side at Tut’s, 30/8/14”

T Break: Find Your T Highlight Here

It’s another year, it’s another summer and here’s hoping it’ll be as nice last year, yes the blistering heat of T last year left a few people a little worse for wear, staggering about looking for the next luke warm lager, but we can have no argument that’d it’s more fun in the sun. HoweverContinue reading “T Break: Find Your T Highlight Here”