WOMPS – ‘Darling’

The impression ‘Darling’ leaves is immediate, drawing the listener in from the first note and holding onto it thereafter. ‘Darling’ makes it easy to see why WOMPS are all over the place, with multiple shows at SXSW and having played a bunch of biggies over the last year, WOMPS are making worldwide waves. Every additionalContinue reading “WOMPS – ‘Darling’”

WOMPS – ‘Manners’ [Displaced]

Glaswegian post-punk duo WOMPS dropped their video for their new single ‘Manners’ earlier this month – one of the tracks from their debut LP Our Fertile Forever. Despite stating the influence the 80s Glasgow scene have on them, growing up in the 90s, along with the help of iconic producer Steve Albini – who producedContinue reading “WOMPS – ‘Manners’ [Displaced]”

T in the Park, 10/7/16

Day three arrives and there’s no reprieve on the weather, meaning not only is the arena the muddiest I can remember attending, but that we’re a good half hour late on the gates as flooding has caused health and safety concerns. These precautions seem more than granted, but unfortunately it does mean I only getContinue reading “T in the Park, 10/7/16”

XpoNorth Showcases, Inverness, 8/6/16

Lot’s of things have been said posted about XpoNorth, displaying different sides of the conference, from huge praise to scathing criticism; I have my own opinions on what is right and wrong about the music conference, but this is not the time for that, this is an opportunity to talk about all the wonderful actsContinue reading “XpoNorth Showcases, Inverness, 8/6/16”

Tracks of 2015 (10-1)

30-21  –  20-11  –  10-1  –  EPs & albums 10 Martha Ffion – No Applause [Lost Map] Offering a sweeter take on 60s rock Martha Ffion has managed to grab a lot of attention this year since we first caught her support Jessica Pratt in April. Blending lo-fi fuzz guitar, sleek vocals and poetic lyricism ‘No Applause’Continue reading “Tracks of 2015 (10-1)”

WOMPS, Halfrican, Phillip Taylor, Dune Witch Trails at The Hug and Pint, 24/9/15

Dune Witch Trials begin their set with loose and rough dream-pop feel, however this is short lived as their second track crashes in with much heavier sound, shaking the venue awake. During their set the band continue to switch between these dynamics, each track is kept short and snappy, but allows exactly enough time toContinue reading “WOMPS, Halfrican, Phillip Taylor, Dune Witch Trails at The Hug and Pint, 24/9/15”

WOMPS – ‘Live a Little Less’ [Damnably]

Glasgow’s very own WOMPS are adept at causing a racket; rising from the ashes of noisy and productive rockers, Algernon Doll, WOMPS are a more upbeat version of their predecessors’ rampaging garage rock. ‘Live a Little Less’ was recorded with garage production legend Steve Albini, the man behind such classics as Nirvana’s In Utero andContinue reading “WOMPS – ‘Live a Little Less’ [Damnably]”

Stag & Dagger presents Live at Glasgow, 3/5/15

Beginning in 2008 as a London only event Stag & Dagger is certainly now starting to feel like something of an institution, promising to provide the vast spectrum of musical tastes we weegies have to come to expect when May rolls around. Since its inception the variety of acts on offer that may or mayContinue reading “Stag & Dagger presents Live at Glasgow, 3/5/15”