Woodenbox, Mitchell Museum at Tut’s, 19/12/15

Rounding out a hell of a year for live music in Glasgow, where better to finish up than King Tut’s and a duo of bands that bring together some of the most interesting and eclectic sounds on the Scottish music scene. The weird and wonderful Mitchell Museum owe a debt to a who’s who ofContinue reading “Woodenbox, Mitchell Museum at Tut’s, 19/12/15”

Magners Summer Nights Electric Honey Sessions

Electric Honey is an institution of the Glasgow music scene; founded in 1992 at Glasgow’s Kelvin College it helped launch the careers of bands like Belle and Sebastian and Biffy Clyro. Today’s event was organised by the current Music Business students who are continuing under the Electric Honey name. Today’s lineup reads like a BuzzfeedContinue reading “Magners Summer Nights Electric Honey Sessions”

Woodenbox – Foreign Organ [Olive Grove]

The follow-up to 2013’s End Game, opens with ‘Somewhere New’, a two-minute instrumental build around a gentle piano chord progression. As an opener it’s a pleasant melodic interlude that offers few signifiers of what is to follow. By track two however, it’s obvious that the Glasgow/Edinburgh trio are in the process of ascending to newContinue reading “Woodenbox – Foreign Organ [Olive Grove]”

Label Focus: Olive Grove Records

Having two of Scotland’s top bloggers behind a record label seems to make a lot of sense, but when Lloyd Meredith (Peenko) and Halina Rifai (Podcart) started Olive Grove back in the summer of 2010 they were just dipping their toe in. Fast forward four years and they’re pretty well established and putting out recordsContinue reading “Label Focus: Olive Grove Records”