Wickerman (Friday), 24/7/15

We were told that Wickerman Festival 2015 was the year of the Phoenix, a year of transition and change. On arrival that change doesn’t seem apparent – the festival layout is pretty much the same as it has been in years before (aside from the installation of the new ‘Phoenix’ tent). The bars, festivities andContinue reading “Wickerman (Friday), 24/7/15”

Kill The Waves, AmatrArt, Static Future, Woodwife at Tut’s, 8/1/15

On this wet and windy evening the second King Tut’s New Years Revolution gig is a haven from the elements outside; first up are gypsy steampunk folksters Woodwife with crystal clear vocals and the coolest looking bass in Glasgow. They slowly ease through their set, of which highlights were ‘Walking Song’ and ‘Dreaming’, which hasContinue reading “Kill The Waves, AmatrArt, Static Future, Woodwife at Tut’s, 8/1/15”