Bdy_Prts, Wuh Oh, Fiskur at Stereo, 1/12/17

After the recent release of their debut album, Fly Invisible Hero, and hot on the heels of supporting Pussy Riot on their recent tour stop in Glasgow, the local music scene is all a’chatter about Bdy_Prts, a coming-together of two talented musical minds; Jenny Reeves and Jill O’Sullivan. The duo is no strangers to performingContinue reading “Bdy_Prts, Wuh Oh, Fiskur at Stereo, 1/12/17”

Tenement Trail 2017

Down early for 2017’s edition of Tenement Trail and Edinburgh’s CHEAP TEETH play to a busy but relatively relaxed Broadcast basement. At points their music lends itself to the restrained atmosphere with subdued alt rock vibes, at others they move to gruffly sneered indie chant alongs. There’s glimpses of the band blowing you away withContinue reading “Tenement Trail 2017”

Ten acts to check out at Tenement Trail 2017

Tenement Trail is back for another year and as they spread a ridiculous amount of bands over 10 venues and over nine hours we made some hard choices for who we think you should go see: Catholic Action King Tut’s, 11.15-11.45 This one promises to be a packed one so get yourself along early, notContinue reading “Ten acts to check out at Tenement Trail 2017”

Electric Fields, Day 2, 2/9/17

Arriving on site again to find the sun out again is a glorious sight and we’re just on time for the Vitamin C hit that is Sacred Paws; the duo are so infectious and likeable, their chirpy harmonies and Rachel Aggs’ signature tropical guitar style just feels like it’s good for you. Whimsically dancey, likeContinue reading “Electric Fields, Day 2, 2/9/17”

Wuh Oh at The Poetry Club, 14/10/16

It’s been a busy year for Glasgow-based producer Peter Ferguson, aka Wuh Oh, and a sell-out gig at The Poetry Club is perhaps the perfect way to crystallise the success of clocking up stacks of hits for recent online releases and a summer of performance slots alongside the likes of Nightwave, Petite Noir, The VeganContinue reading “Wuh Oh at The Poetry Club, 14/10/16”

Wuh Oh – Wuh Oh

Taking a naughty tens approach to 1980s sub pop featuring a cameo of live drums, sound snippets and dangerously tempting funk styling, meet Wuh Oh, the project of Glasgow based Peter Ferguson, encompassing everything eccentric and nauseatingly catchy from yesteryear, yet somehow finding the right balance to make these five tunes stand out more thanContinue reading “Wuh Oh – Wuh Oh”